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This is to help you join us in the chat room for the OnComputers Radio show using mIRC
mIRC is a program to access Internet Relay Chat.

First you will need to download mIRC.
It can be downloaded from this link Version 6.17 for free.
(mIRC is SHAREWARE and can be used for free, but we encourage you to register it if you continue to use it the cost is only $20US)

Once you have mIRC downloaded  install it, the default location is OK.

After you install it open by clicking on the Icon

mIRC icon

When it opens you will have a screen Asking for your Nick and email address:
In this window you will need to fill out a Full Name and E-Mail address, Then put in your Nickname and an Alternative.

mIRC Options

Then click on the server on the left under Connect:

Server Options

Then on the top click the Add button:

Edit Service

Here you will add on the line Description: OnComputers, and for IRC Server: chat.oncomputers.info,
For Port(s): you can use either 6667 or 7000
Then click the Add button.

Then you can click the Connect to IRC Server.

You will get another window:

mIRC Channel Folder

Again click on the Add button:

Edit Channel

Here you will need to type in Channel: #OnComputers, I would also check the box for Auto-Join channel on connected.
then click OK.

This should connected you to the chat server and you will be in our chat channel.
Remember if you need help at any time other than show time (Sunday 10AM to 1PM Pacific Time) go to channel #ICUG

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